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Asorted articles I've amassed in Wallabag


A while ago I’ve discovered Wallabag . It’s a self hostable application for saving web pages. It extracts the article’s content and can automatically tag it with matching label. Basically it’s an open-source competitor of Pocket , Instapaper or Evernote .

Fetching a list of all entries via Wallabag’s API is very easy. And with a help of jq you can transform it into a simple JSON file which you can use to populate a Hugo Data Templates .

http GET https://{YOUR_WALLABAG_HOST}/api/entries.json?perPage=500 "Authorization:Bearer {API_TOKEN}" |\
    jq '[._embedded.items[] | {title: .title, url: .url}]' |\
    jq 'sort_by(.title)' > entries.json

So, without further ado, here’s an asorted list of articles I’ve amassed in Wallabag.