GEE [Jmeter-ec2] - video tutorials part 2

Hi All, I just added few more videos showing how to configure your test environment to run your JMeter tests:

  • locally on a Vagrant box
  • using remote machines
  • and on Amazon EC2

04 - Create a first test plan and run it using Gee and a vagrant box

Shows how to create a new test plan from a template project. Then how to run it using GEE on our local vagrant box.

05 - configure passwordless ssh access to a linux box

Shows how to configure a passwordless SSH access to a remote Linux box. Such access is required by Gee to run your JMeter tests on a remote machine.

06 - automatically install JMeter with plugins on a remote machine

Shows how to use script to download JMeter and JMeter-plugins automatically on a linux host that will be used by GEE to run your load tests.

07 - run your JMeter test on remote linux hosts

Shows how to configure GEE and remote Linux hosts to run your JMeter tests. This video might come handy when you’d like to run your tests using internal network resources.

08 - run your JMeter test on Amazon EC2

Shows how to configure GEE to run your JMeter tests using Amazon EC2 services.